If were you to ask a Hindu or a Muslim or a person of another religion why they were that religion, most would say something along the lines of: it’s what I was given.

They may feel passionate about it, even be able to defend it. But, for most of them, it’s something they inherited from their parents.

What’s different about Christianity is that isn’t like this at all. As a matter of fact, it’s not Christianity if it was inherited.

That’s because at its core Christianity is a choice. And that is one of the things that makes it so special.

So if someone asked you, personally, why you’re a Christian…what would you say?

Here are ten ideas:

1. I learned the basics from my parents, but I discovered the truth of it myself.

2. I realized I couldn’t blame my problems on external things…and I also couldn’t fix them myself.

3. Anyone who follows Jesus gets the good life to come. Anyone who doesn’t is stuck with their own guilt and sin… forever and ever. (A paraphrase of John 3:36.)

4. Before I didn’t have peace. Now I do. In the middle—the glue that makes it all work—is God.

5. There is hope for the world. And it comes in becoming like Jesus. Not convinced? Give it a try. (This was Philip’s argument to Nathanael in John 1.)

6. The world is a mess. This is something that is evident everywhere we look. God saw this too. So he decided to do something about it.

7. Christianity is the only view that accounts for my sin…without suspending justice in the process.

8. Christianity provides the most hope for the most amount of people.

9. The Bible is a reliable, historical document. We can prove that. And that means, that the stories and miracles are real.

10. I met Jesus. And he’s real. He convinced me.

So, why are you a Christian?

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