“Blessed are those who find wisdom” 
—Proverbs 3:13

It’s difficult to think of any attribute of life more valuable than wisdom.

But most people go about getting it wrong.

When the two women showed up with the baby, fighting for a verdict on who it belonged to, Solomon didn’t dismiss court to pray about. He made a decision on the spot.

And Nehemiah, when he heard the news of his fallen land, knew in the moment what he needed to do. He spent a few months preparing his heart and interceding on behalf of his people. But he knew from the start what was coming next.

And so follow countless other examples.

Wisdom doesn’t come like a lightning bolt from heaven. It comes steadily overtime.

In other words, wisdom is a lifestyle choice.

It’s a decision we make every day when we immerse ourself in God’s Word, when we make time to praise and thank him, and when we persistently seek his direction.

We, of course, pray in the moments when we need guidance. But that’s not what makes for a wise life. Wisdom comes from the regular interaction with God, day in and day out.

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