“You will all fall away because of me this this night,” said Jesus.

“Though they all fall away,” said Peter, “I will never.“

Directly, Jesus turned to him, “this very night…you will deny me three times.”

“Even if I must die with you,” said Peter, “I will not” (Matthew 26:31-35).

And then, of course, he does all of it.

After it was over, Jesus came to him and talked him through it. He wasn’t hard, but he was direct.

Peter (John writes) “was grieved” by the end of it.

But with each question Jesus asked, he finished with statements of affirmation. Jesus—despite Peter’s performance—still had a plan, a job, and most importantly, a love for him.

By the end of that conversation, Jesus had reinforced this almost a half dozen times.

Even with the broken promises, and, perhaps, because of them, Peter knew himself and his status with Jesus all the more.

So, I’d say…yes, is the answer to that question.

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