Here are the top ten reasons not to practice spiritual disciplines:

  1. Not sure where to start (because it’s all a bit overwhelming)
  2. Doesn’t feel like doing a little is significant enough
  3. Just “not enough time”
  4. Good intentions but distractions usually win
  5. Tired
  6. The whole thing seems a bit boring
  7. Doesn’t seem necessary
  8. Wasn’t taught how to do them
  9. Not even sure what they are
  10. Need to clean up the rest of my life before I begin these

It’s a good thing God’s not bothered by any of this.

And the reasons is because he gave us something to mitigate this problem: the church.

The point of the church is to encourage and strengthen. And the truth is, the more we have real relationships in the church, the more we begin practicing spiritual disciplines automatically.

In other words, success with spiritual disciplines often doesn’t come with more discipline, it comes with leaning into the church.

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