NEW: Every Friday, I’m doing church growth posts, where I look at practical ways you can get more people involved. I’m calling this “marketing.”


Here’s something we all know: In church, there are different degrees of commitment. Some show up all the time, others show up for Christmas and Easter.

Visually, we can think of this as a funnel.

At the top, there are a lot of people, but with low commitment. Then as you move down the funnel, commitment increases, but the number of people decreases.

The question is: what moves people from the top (low commitment) to the bottom (high commitment)?

The answer is a concept called downward forces.

In an actual funnel, there are physical properties that do this. Gravity and centripetal force. They are what make the penny go from the top to the bottom.

The same, too, is true for people-funnels. There are elements at play that help those who want to move lower to higher commitment do so.

Think for a minute, what compels a person to introduce your group to one of their friends?

Or, to put that another way: what parts of what you offer make your members’ lives substantially better?

When you find these elements, you’ve discovered why people come.

The next step is to be strategic–to build these into your planning.

This is a concept I talk more about in Minimalist Marketing.


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