Recently, Dr. Elisabetta Barbi of the University of Rome did a study on the length of life.

Her findings? “If there’s a fixed biological limit, we are not close to it.”

My wife’s grandfather is 95. Every time I see him, I ask him questions. (My goal is to make it to triple-digits.) He’s happy and cheerful. But his advice on the matter is “don’t.”

On the other hand, there are some people who live only a few years. Nate Saint (33) and Jim Elliot (29) both died bringing the gospel to places that had never heard it. And more recently, Nabeel Qureshi had an incredible trajectory before him, except he died from cancer, at 34. I turn 34 next month.

There is much we cannot control. And it’s easy to become cynical about that.

But there are a few things we can control. Like, what we do with today. Michael Crichton wrote that all of life “has the same shape of a single day.”

Life isn’t limited by length, it’s limited by depth. And fortunately, that is something we can control.

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