Growing up, our bathroom had a wall-length mirror, and next to it, ninety degrees, was the medicine cabinet, which also had a mirror on it. If you open the medicine cabinet so that both mirrors were nearly flat against each other, you could see a tunnel going deep into the mirror.

Sometimes, I’d look into it. To see how far it went. (Forever.) But it was fake. A fake forever-tunnel.

It occured to me (much later) that this is a lot like life.

When something bad happens in real life, it’s natural to ask why. But, apart from God, it’s not natural to ever find an answer to those whys.

Apart from God, there is no end. There are no reasons. It’s just random.

But, such a world is also not real.

In the real world, there’s always an end to the whys. Even if we don’t like it (at the moment) or understand it (at all). There’s an end. And that end, if we’re open to it, will always lead us back to God.

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