The moment of Jesus’ death, just after he called out ‘it is finished’ for all to hear, strange things happened.

One of which: the penal system that ran society (and to some degree, the economy) was no longer needed.

Its symbol—the 60 foot high curtain—was found torn from top to bottom. Previously, its job was to separate holy things (a single, annual emissary) from unholy things (all the rest of society, us).

Dying, Jesus created a way to preserve justice without the curtain. And then by coming back to life, he allowed a place for love and mercy to win.

When I think about my problems, work or home or wherever, it’s easy to get distracted. And it’s hard to be truly thankful, even for the good things.

Until, that is, I remember, because of someone else: I have full access to the king, the creator of the universe.

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