I remember the first time I had real stress in my life. It wasn’t scandalous, but I was doing something I shouldn’t have. Or rather, dating someone I shouldn’t have. I was nineteen. It lasted about six months.

I learned two things about stress from this.

First, stress is about multiplication, not addition. It goes up exponentially, the more and the longer it goes on.

Second, stress is subtle. It’s hard to see it coming (or even recognize its cause once here).

Rest, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of rest. It is restorative and comfortable.

Jesus, talking to the masses, described life with him as “finding rest with your soul.” And that, if you take up with him, your work is easier (Matthew 11:29-30).

As hard as it sometimes is, being a disciple, it’s always easier than going it alone. Because going it alone doesn’t end well. Being a disciple, on the other hand, has us only ever looking up.

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