“Where are your interests?”

In statement form, Jesus posed this question to those questioning him (John 7).

For his unusual and somewhat taboo methods, the people around him—the authorities around him—were challenging his credibility.

If ever there was someone qualified to defend his actions, seems it would be Jesus.

But he didn’t do that.

Instead, he walked them through the right way to think.

Who am I pointing to? he asked. If it’s me, then you’ve got the right to criticize. But if I’m pointing to the Father in heaven, then what’s your argument?

It’s the same for us.

We’re all messy and sinful. Not much argument there. But how do we know when one of us is on the right track or not? How do we know when that mess and sin and is throwing off the work of the kingdom?

The answer is, as Jesus pointed out: What are they interested in?

Is it God, or is it something else?

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