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I’ve worked this backwards, I know, but some things make better sense in reverse.

Everybody’s too busy.

The first two parts to this series dealt with getting started and not quitting.  But most people really don’t even get this far, because they’re just too busy.

The solution?


Or rather, prioritize.

Prioritizing is not doing important things, it’s choosing what important things to not do.

The problem that I think most people experience is that they get overwhelmed with everything, and they don’t make the hard decisions about what to cut.

That’s not bad, per se.  But it means that life, or happenstance, or even other people are the ones that end up making these decisions for you.

Doing this yourself isn’t any easier.  But it does give you a say in the matter.  That’s the big difference between people who get things done and people who are just too busy.

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