Family and friends bring warmth.

Extra food, extra travel, and extra love.

For many, though, Christmas has none of this. And for the rest, for those for whom it is a happy time, there are plenty of times in the rest of life that are miserable.

Browsing international news, seeing the daily lives of some of the poorer countries, illustrates this well.

But we see the same thing here, when we see loveless families or those driving forward with their boring and unfulfilled lives.

Christmas is about the opposite of this. Christmas is a celebration of purpose.

Jesus came to set things right, one person at a time. One by one, he saves us from waste, from loss, and ultimately from what we’ll do to ourselves.

The only cost to us is the logic that comes with it.

By way of an analogy from physics, one cannot continue going down if they intend to go up.

This is the invitation: come all who are weak, tired, or wanting. Leave the rest behind.

And, really, it’s not ‘leaving behind’ so much as it is trading up. Because what’s ahead is better.

Much better.

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