Like a fairytale, John, who made his name challenging the Evils charge, was imprisonments in a fortress-style castle. Built on a hill, to be defensible. It even had its own name: Machserus.

It was from here that John sent a message to Jesus…Are you really the one?

Considering the situation, it’s not too hard to put ourselves in John’s place.

And so Jesus responded: Tell him about all the miracles you’ve seen. The work speaks for itself.

When John looked at his own situation, he lost hope.

Jesus gave it back.

And then, as things go, it all went sideways. And John was killed.

This story, from Matthew 11 and 14, is for us.

John went to heaven. All was good for him. The ones who struggle are who haven’t yet seen the end come forward.

Jesus’ response was for us: focus on me.

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