Today, the Lord’s super is a time of reflection. We dwell on who he is, who we are, and what he did for us.

But the original one wasn’t like that. It wasn’t even ‘the Lord’s supper.’ It was the passover, a thousand-year-old tradition.

Later that original night, they would go to the garden to pray, but his closest followers would fall asleep in the process.

They had no idea what was coming. The mob, the fake trial–watching Jesus actually die.

And yet, that passover (the Lord’s supper) was for them. And for us.

It’s a privilege to be able to reflect.

But what’s even more amazing is all that God has done for me (and for you).

And he’s often doing while we fall asleep in the garden, without a clue about the bigger picture unfolding around us.

If we want to see it, that’s the picture of a good God. The loving father. And our consummate provider.

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