I heard something interesting recently, not sure if it’s true.

A ‘study’ (which could have just been a google search) found that pain can increase your ability to concentrate. The idea here is to use an acute sudden jolt, as in a pin-prick. Chronic back pain doesn’t count.

Being a productivity junkie, I began thinking about that. But as soon as I started, I knew it wouldn’t work. Not for me.

When it comes to pain, I’m a bit less stoic and a bit more like the goldfish that dart away when you put your face next to the glass.

If you’ve been following along with the dailies for the past year, I’ve been working through the book of Matthew. Now, to the end (of Matthew), we get to the gruesome bits.

In 27:27-31, before they crucify him, they squeeze a strip of thorns into a circle and push them down onto his head, no doubt digging in deep. Then they hit him–in the head no less.

And he didn’t flinch. At least, not emotionally.

And then it occurs to me as I read this, that pain wasn’t even for him.

Worse…it was for me.

I can willpower my way through a lot of things. But I’m ninety-eight plus two percent sure, I wouldn’t have gone along with that. I just don’t have it in me.

And then, as I reflected…

…that’s the very definition of the gospel. At the point I can’t go any further, he does.

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