Overflowing Water

Photo Credit: Andreas Kollegger from here with CC.

There’s a phrase that often shows up in prayers in the Bible.  It is “my cup runs over.”

The idea here is that God’s blessings are in abundance, more than I can truly appreciate.

This morning, as I was praying, I realized… that’s me.  My cup is “running over.”

I have a wonderful wife—a wonderful wife.  And when I come home in the evenings and see my little boy’s face light up, it’s a thing of pure joy.  And in a few months, that all doubles with our new coming-soon little girl.

When I think of these three things, it’s like detonating an atomic bomb in the negative space of my day.  All the bad things are leveled flat.

As I was praying, a few bigger projects that I’m working on popped into my head.  And I thought, maybe I shouldn’t ask for more?  Maybe I should just be happy with what God has already blessed me with.

As good or noble as that thought sounds, I don’t think it’s quite right.  Contentment is good, yes.  But the idea that God only has a limited amount of blessings is not one found in Scripture.

The Psalms are a great reminders of this.  They tell us that God takes pleasure in his people (149:4), and that if we learn to delight ourselves in him, he will give us the desires of heart (37:4).  And for all those who seek God, they will find happiness in him (70:4).

It dawned on me, God actually enjoys blessing his children!

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