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E | There’s nothing I’ve done and that I’m proud of, that didn’t first scare me enough to seriously consider not doing it. I notice this starkly when someone congratulates me on something that may have been a lot of work, but wasn’t at first intimidating. Those things are good. But I’m not proud of them.

F | Dressing up is almost always overrated. In serious times, like funerals, nobody’s looking at your pants. And at happy times, it’s usually just the unhappy people that care. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy worrying about this.

G | Anything that upsets you that you cannot influence is, by definition, a distraction. Most reasonable people agree with me here. Until I start giving examples. Like politics. Or the news. Or Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte. Then come the emails…

H | Once you figure out your place in life, 99% of existential questions disappear. (Unless you just like those sorts of things, in which case, that’s a different issue.) Corollary to this, as best I can tell: this is an experience thing. To find your place, you just have to keep stabbing until something turns up.

More Monday.

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