Picking up on yesterday’s thought.

How do you start something new when you don’t have the resources? When God puts a desire to do something in your heart, how do you start before you’re ready?

Objection number 1: No money

There is a ton of money in the world. When you start doing something that matters, the money finds you. You may still have to go look for it. And it may not show up immediately. But having the money in hand is not a disqualifier for starting.

Objection number 2: No time

Time is a reflection of priority. But sometimes, we are legitimately tied up. We’re committed elsewhere already. And that’s okay. But once you’ve realized God has something for you, it’s your job to start saying no. No more new things that conflict. It’s hard. But saying no to the good makes room for the great.

In the meantime, before you have the money or the time, what’s there to do?

Make a plan.

Do you know why 80% of new businesses fail? It’s usually not because they have a bad idea. And mostly it’s not for lack of customers.

Almost always it’s because of a lack of cash flow.

In other words, they didn’t work out a plan to float in between paychecks. And so they fold.

Here’s the thing about us: God created us with a brain. Just because he gives us a job doesn’t mean it’s hands off.

Manytimes, the lack of resources is God’s way of helping us focus on the first steps. The parts we’d skip otherwise.

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