The things that cause me anxiety are rarely the things I end up praying about.

Not because I forget, or get distracted, but because by the time I get to the asking, they don’t matter.

Some years back I started something new. Instead of sitting down to pray about what was on my mind, I’d intentionally focus on God first.

I’d focus on God who is the creator, and all that he’s created—including me. I’d focus on God who is my father, and all the ways he’s provided for me. And I’d focus on God who is the king, where all of life is about him.

What I found, without fail, was three thing:

1/ I immediately felt good. And not just good, but great.

2/ My anxiety left. The thing that had its hold me no longer did because it was clear that God was bigger.

3/ The things I’d ask for soon began to change. Because my perspective changed. I was seeing differently.

As time went on, I kept doing this because it had become such a valuable part of my morning routine.

And then I expanded it.

I added 4 other elements.

Over the years I’ve reflected on this, practiced it, and walked others through how to start doing it.

So much that I just wrote it down. It’s my “5 step guide to a daily prayer time.” You can download it (free) here.

What makes me especially happy is it’s something that can scale. Whether I have only 5 minutes or a full hour, I use the same process.

And immediately it helps my brain put its focus right where it needs to be.

If you haven’t tried it, check out the guide.

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