If God’s calling you, there are two questions that will always come with a yes:

  1. Is this moving the kingdom forward?
  2. Do I have peace?

On the first. God won’t call you to something that’s contrary to work of his kingdom. He’s not going to call you to redefine salvation or to start adding books to the Bible.

Instead, his calling is always to join in to the work he’s already got others doing. It’s easy to spot this work, because it’s consistent with what Jesus taught.

There’s still a lot of latitude here. Just like we all have unique finger prints and iris patterns, he’s given us all slightly different work to do. A work that aligns with how he’s made us.

And on the second, we find our greatest peace when we are in harmony with our creator.

Peace doesn’t mean ease. And it doesn’t mean no-friction. As a matter of fact, following God usually makes like harder, not easier.

But when we do, we get a kind of peace we don’t find anywhere else. It’s hard to describe. But it’s there. It’s that feeling that you can’t quite explain, but it tells you that you’re moving in the right direction.

These two factors work in harmony.

The church provides a kind of framework—a collective guidance. While the peace inside of you is God’s direct, personal confirmation.

If you’re hearing a yes to both of these questions, then your next move is forward.

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