“He has committed to us the message of reconciliation”
– Paul (2 Corinthians 5:19)

A fractal is a shape who’s parts are the same as the whole.

A six-sided snowflake that’s made up of six-sided arms. A Douglas Fir Christmas tree which cone-shaped branches. And the Moon orbiting the Earth while the Earth orbits the Sun.

The benefit of a fractal is that the system works at all levels.

The differences then, are not in value, but in application.

A railroad spike may be shaped just like the nails behind my picture frames (functionally they’re doing the same thing: bonding two disjointed pieces together). But their applications are quite different. And it’s the difference that matters.

This is the Christian life.

The impact we make is not a reflection of our placement (or scale).

Instead, our impact hangs on us doing what we were put here to do. Whether you work at a church, are a staffer at the White House, or hold a sign under the bridge, God’s given us each a job with the potential to alter eternity.

That job, fortunately, is pretty simple.

As Paul writes, it’s to keep telling the story.


Image David Milligan-Croft.

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