Society praises the exception, the prodigy. The outlier that stands out–where the work is somehow easier, more successful, or just automatic.

This approach is dangerous because it sets a false standard. It tells us to believe in something that’s not real. Namely, that we are only excellent when we are exceptional.

And I think a lot of people get stuck here. They don’t do what they’re supposed to do, because the standard is too high. They can’t make the jump…and so they don’t.

So, what’s the alternative?

An excellent normal.

This is where you focus on changing or influencing only the things in your power.

Those last three words are key.

In your power.

Much of what happens in life isn’t in your control. But a certain amount of life will cross your path and step into your influence.

What you do with that is how you measure excellence in your life.

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