Smart people explain things in systems.

Evolution is a metaphor for order. It’s a needed metaphor, because—as the world tells us—God doesn’t exist. At least not in the: I created everything and have a plan for you sense.

So Evolution, while described as a process of nature, really functions as a God-replacement.

But…why the extra work? Why create a new concept to explain away God?

Because God requires something extra from us that Evolution doesn’t.

God requires moral accountability.

In economics, the law of supply and demand symbolically tells us that there are consequences for what we do. But with God, we don’t determine those consequences.

The very nature of man’s problem is that he has relies on his own standard.

And so, the cycle continues. We need something that will give us what God gives us, but without the implications of God. We need our cake, and we need to eat it, too.

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