“Untie them”
-Jesus (Matthew 21:2)

This is small but telling. So small the other gospels don’t mention it.

Before entering Jerusalem for his last week—when the crowd will lay down their jackets for him as king mere days before turning to crucify him—Jesus gives an instruction to his disciples.

Go ahead of us, he says, and get a colt (a young donkey). He tells them where it will be. And he tells them what to do if anyone gives them trouble.

But Jesus, being God, knows this colt will still be attached to its mother, and so he says to bring “them.”

The coming week is going to be turmoil. His entire mission will be accomplished—not to mention the difficulty that will accompany it.

And yet, here, he makes provision for a young animal to be comfortable.

In the middle of the biggest events of history, Jesus cares about one of the most insignificant players.

We see God miraculously when we look at the big things.

But it’s often the small things, when we stop to notice, that sing praises his praises the loudest.

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