You know what gets me?


When I go for a walk and I see a tree–a normal, unkempt stalky thing coming up out of the ground, it blows me away.

I’m being completely serious here.

I see that and I can’t help but think about how amazing God is. All the intricacies, the internal hydration, the way it reproduces through seeds and flowers. He did all this, and a tree that can’t even walk or think.

But others–some of which are dear friends of mine–see nature and they come to a totally different conclusion. “God? That’s for the lazy, weak minded.”

And then I thought, maybe I’m just not smart enough (which is usually true) to get my head around how it couldn’t be God. Maybe those critics are seeing what I can’t.

And that, in many ways, is also probably true.

Then another thought occurred to me. In areas where I excel, it’s much easier for me to attribute the cause to me and my own means. It much easier for me to think, I did that.

And isn’t that, after all, what a god-less scenario is? We evolved. We survived. We determine the right and wrong.

I suppose one doesn’t always have to be a heathen to be a heathen.

Buy truth and do not sell it.
Buy wisdom, instruction, and understanding.
— Proverbs 23:23

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