Empty TombIt’s Easter.

Today we celebrate the single most important fact of life: we have hope!

For those who knew him, it took a while to understand. The implications of Jesus, who was clearly dead, but is now alive again, were slow coming.

There has never been a movement that has spread harder and stronger than Christianity. I believe this is what happened when they finally understood what it meant for Jesus to be alive again.

No longer was death the end. To all the injustice in all the world, the One who can finally do something has come.

Maybe that’s why Easter is one of the two days of the year that cause the church’s doors to swell.

Or, maybe all these extra people come for other reasons entirely. Like, family or social pressure, or even believing it will count on some spiritual roster.

But regardless of the reason, I think that gives the rest of us an opportunity to reciprocate.

Jesus came two thousand years ago to a bunch of people who killed him. But his mission was a success. He died, taking our tally with him. And when he came back, he did it in his own power, showing that he wasn’t beaten by death. This is the same power, the same great love, he’s extended to us. And with that, he’s given us just one task: pass it on.

Today we have a chance to reach out to a new face and show them there is hope. They might not have any idea about the hope Jesus brings, but that’s okay. Love has a way of being infectious.

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