The Funnel

Everything we know is a filter for everything we see. When we know God, we know love. Why then are we so eager to kill each other?

What Should We Do If We Lose Religious Freedom?

For the Church, the implications may be anywhere from loosing tax exemption status to lawsuits for some institutions who stand by their biblical convictions. But what’s interesting is that Jesus unambiguously gave us the solution two-thousand years ago.


It’s Easter. Today we celebrate the single most important fact of life: we have hope! For those who knew him, it took a while to understand. The implications of Jesus, who was clearly dead, but is now alive again, were slow coming. There has never been a...

The Virtue of Halloween

Would Jesus trick-or-treat? Or really, would Jesus let his kids trick-or-treat? I know this is stacking hypotheticals.  But what I mean is should parents who want to be followers of Jesus let their kids trick-or-treat? And if I do, am I supporting some ancient pagan...

Why the Ashely Madison hackers failed

There seemed to be something Edward Snowden-y about the Impact Team–the hackers who exposed Ashley Madison’s customer list.  Taking down big corruption.  Not stealing a dime.  All for the purpose of exposing hypocrisy. But that’s too bad. I wish they...

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