“Random acts of kindness.”

I believe there are no such thing.

Based on logic, I mean.

For instance, if it’s random, then there’s no way for it to be kind.

Kindness is a about seeing a need and then doing something to fix it. Using your resources to help someone else with theirs. The idea here is that there’s no direct payback. It’s a gift, not a contract. Random, on the other hand, has no intent. It’s random.

Humanist versions of sociology tell us we’re programmed to support our tribe because that’s how we evolved and survived in the past.

But, what if our programming wasn’t a result of our evolving or self-interest, but instead was because that’s how we were created to be?

When we begin to look for it, it seems that all of life is slanted toward this. Toward a loving and active creator who cares for his creation. Doesn’t it make more sense that he he’d make a creation in line with his values?

I think so.

I think knowing this also makes conversations with the rest of his creation, well, a bit easier.

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