“He has risen, just as He said. Come, see…”
– the Angel (Matthew 28:6)

The tomb wasn’t opened for Jesus.

In other accounts we read of Jesus showing up—post-resurrection—behind locked doors to talk and eat with the disciples. He didn’t physically need it the doors.

His resurrected body was different.

The tomb wasn’t opened for Jesus, it was opened for us.

The angel invites the first visitors, the women, to “come, see.” They in turn told the rest, who ran to see, too.

This was the start of something new. The something Jesus had been talking about for over three years.

It’s interesting. We usually use crosses (the sign of judgement) to symbolize our new life following Jesus. 

But lots of people died on crosses.

Maybe, instead, we should start using open tombs.

Nobody did that.

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