“Go and announce to them that the kingdom of heaven is near.”
– Jesus (Matthew 10:7)

My friend Rich spent a good chunk of his career as a manager. He learned something one day—something he told me—which changed the way I looked at work.

Divine interruptions.

I’m a productivity person. I like to get things done. And I plan out my day. But it never goes according to plan. People happen.

So I’ve either got two options:

Fight it, avoid it, ignore it. Or…

Treat it like God intended it to happen.

When we do the first, we get more of our own stuff done. Which is not a bad thing.

But when we do the second, we get more of God’s stuff done. And this, of course, is the better thing.

Divine interruptions are a way to get involved in Kingdom work wherever we are, whatever we’re doing.

So, how do you spot them?

Here’s the trick: you don’t.

You just treat every opportunity as a chance to encourage, teach, learn, serve, or give. And then it becomes it.

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