“Wherever you are, be all there.”
– Jim Elliot

Classic stories: David against the lion–he shouldn’t have won.

Against the giant: same thing.

And against all the others more qualified than him to be king. Again.

So what did David do that set him apart?

He was simply ready long before blessings were even on the table.

He was committed to keeping his sheep safe. So when the lion came, he already knew what to do. On the heels of that, he saw the giant, not fearfully as the soldier did, but as just another enemy with a fatal weakness. And finally, to be chosen as king, he spent years letting his character be changed in the small areas–a decision that God ultimately credited.

Some thousand years later, Paul would write: “Whatever you do, do it…for the Lord.”

That’s the point of blessings.

They don’t enable the work–they follow it.

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