Everyone is creative, but not everyone is recognized as creative.

I think this is mostly because we (as a society) misunderstand what “creative” is.

There are three kinds of creative people.

First, there are the obvious creators. They are the ones who take a blank canvas and put something new on it. They are the something-from-nothing types that most of us think of as “creative.”

Then there are the adapters. They take something that already exists and then make it work in a new context or for a new audience.

And finally there are the crossers. These creatives take two existing things–things that aren’t normally together–and combine them to make something altogether new.

Each path is valid.

Each path is creative.

And because God’s made each of us to create, the sooner we find our path, the sooner we start living out our design.


You may find yourself in more than one of these categories, or in a blend somewhere in between. The labels aren’t important–the creating is.

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