“May my words and my thoughts be acceptable to you”
– Psalms 19:14

Have you ever considered the answer to this? What exactly is acceptable to God?

Well, besides of course the obvious…like, not sinning.

Since that’s off the table. And since the above passage was written for sinful people—what exactly does God find acceptable?


I know my wife better than I know anyone else. Which is a no-brainer. I spend more time with her than I do anyone else.

The time’s not always good, though.

Sometimes the kids are being difficult. Sometimes there are way too many bills and far too few paychecks. And, sometimes, one (or both) of us are just having a bad day.

But that’s okay. What makes it work is the want. We want to be married to each other.


The simple answer to the above is this: God wants to spend time with us.

He created us—not because he needed us; not because he didn’t know we’d make a mess of of it all; and certainly not because he thought we’d play nicely—no, he created us because he wanted us. Each of us.


On to it. My two pieces of advice, forged from mountains of failure:

One, there are really only two times a day that you can count on being uninterrupted. Before everyone gets up. Or after they go to sleep. No pain, no gain. Sorry.

And two, consistency is the silver bullet you’re looking for. It’s tricky, because at first it feels a bit benign. And one day it hits you, how far you’ve come.

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