UPDATE, Feb 2015: I’ve decided not to do the two below series.  Not in a direct fashion anyway.  I’ll still be addressing difficult questions (because those are the things on my mind), and I’ll still be writing about what I think are the main things of life.  But I won’t be putting them in an organized series.  I’m making this change based, in part, on your feedback.  On the note of your feedback–this is something for which I am eternally grateful.   It means a lot to me.


With this new blog comes some regular posting.  To that end I’m starting two new series.  The first is called Difficult Questions.  Here I’ll look at the most common objections to Christianity, by both skeptics and believers.

The other series is called The Main Things.  Here I’ll focus on the pillars of Christianity.  It’s easy to make a big deal about the little things (and some of the most entertaining debates fall prey here!).  But in order to live a God-honoring life, it’s important to understand the main things.  This series is designed to provide that framework.

More on these coming soon.

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